Horizontal Bee Sanctuary

Langstroth Short Box - Bee Sanctuary

A beautifully re-designed Langstroth / Horizontal Beehive,   Since 2013 the Bee Sanctuary has evolved from a triple medium horizontal Langstroth hive, to having full enclosed expansion ability for honey supers, and now easier to ship. This beehive can be a Top-bar hive, Langstroth hive, a Horizontal hive, Longbox hive, a comb production hive, and or a mating hive.  


  • A Langstroth double medium box
  • A full reversible 3/4 inch base
  • Supported on a single pole
  • Enclosed expansion for medium honey supes
  • Adaptor for deep frames
  • Ships in 2 boxes fully bubble wrapped and insured
  • Height adjustable to beekeeper's needs
  • Can rotate if needed
  • Follower-board / separation-board
  • Top and lower entrances
  • Durable metal rabbets
  • Secured with stainless steel locking clips
  • 100% Langstroth compatible
  • Entrance feeder, and inner feeder compatible
  • Fully disassembles
  • Non-warping corners
  • Equipped to hold as many as 104 mini frames
  • 6 full relief carvings 
  • Made of Gold Western Red Cedar
  • Main box can be a double deep or double medium
  • One piece top aluminum hinged cover
  • Can hold up to 4 nucs
  • Decorative copper accents

Eco Bee Box Bee Sanctuary 2017 Design
Aluminum Americanized Horizontal Beehive (Lid Down & Lid Down Shown)


Deep Extension
Medium 1/2 Box Nuc
$12.00 - $15.00
Medium Follower
$16.00 - $64.00

1/2 Standard outer cover
Lid Flush Mount with Entrance