Modern Vintage Hives


Modern Vintage Mini hives are made of aged copper brackets and old recycled barn wood that has been dried and is resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and humid environments when treated with our wax.  Some of our wood is from the 1880's now that is a ton of drying time. That's 140 year or recycling at it's best. We learned it was best to let wood age a bit before we used it another reason we don't paint our hives and never will.    


Reclaimed barn wood is typically thrown away, never to be re-used ever again. Barn wood is incredibly durable and resilient. You can rescue these pieces of wood so they do not end up in landfills. Even better, trees are not cut down to create newer hives.


Barn wood sidings come in an array of textures and grains. They may not be perfect with their aged surface, unique marks, and rough grain but they make for an interesting hive. Each plank has a unique story and make an amazing hive.  Remember Billy the Kid?  Well...this wood does.






Modern Vintage Mini Hive I

Modern Vintage Mini Hive II