Observational Hives

The Bee-luminary observation hive is one of the most interesting and rewarding types of beehives to own and the best method to learn and enjoy honey bees. This Bee-luminary observation hive is designed to go with any mini hive and has see-thru sides so that the queen and all activities of the bees can be observed at any time you want. Honey bees are truly awesome to watch and this hive allows you to see the day-to-day activities within the hive without bothering or irritating the bees.   Also available in standard medium or deep sized frames.  

With an observation hive you can:

  • Study honey bees colonies and how they live
  • Great way to show off your prized capped honeycomb
  • Can hold one or two frames. 
  • Great for classroom presentations
  • Works at farmer markets as a display
  • Watch a queen and larvae hatch
  • Place your hive outside in the shade during the daytime or during nice weather and or bring it indoors
  • Watch the bee dance and how it effects the other bees
  • Learn the difference between the different types of bees and the roles they play in the hive
  • Watch how honey bee larvae grow into larger bees
  • Watch the bees build honey comb and produce honey
  • The Bee-luminary observation hive is great for science projects, class rooms, displays, or just as a hobby

The Bee-luminary Mini Frame (Front View)

The Bee-luminary Mini Frame (Side View)

The Bee-luminary Mini Frame (Angled View)

The Bee-luminary Mini Frame (Live Hive)
The Bee-luminary for a Mini Frame (Assembled)