Eco Bee Box provides incredible products and service for all levels of beekeeping. I had never kept bees before and Albert provided information and training for me to get started. Albert is extremely knowledgeable on all things bee related and provides step by step instructions for you to be successful with your bees! Any questions you may have are answered promptly and adequately to help take care of your bees. The hives are beautifully designed and make a great addition to your yard. I love having a mini urban beehive in my backyard and Eco Bee Box makes that possible. I highly recommend Eco Bee Box to anyone interested in or involved with beekeeping!
– Sarah Duke 

Such an artist, Albert!
– Lorea Hyslop Anderson, Airdrie, Alberta

Those Boxes are gorgeous!
– Randy Simper, Tarzana, California

I had been toying around with becoming a beekeeper for years but I was always intimidated by the thought of opening a hive with 30,000 bees. I ran across Albert with his MUB (Mini Urban Beehive) and was intrigued with the idea of having a smaller beehive with less bees. My wife was even accepting of having a smaller hive in our backyard. Being able to have the MUB has been a great learning experience for me. I have been able to see up close what is going on in a beehive even without wearing protective equipment. I have been able to learn how to raise my own queen bee as well as find the queen in a short time. I have even been able to learn how to become a better beekeeper because of the ease of working with fewer bees at a time without getting overwhelmed by a large number of bees buzzing around me. I have also been able to involve my children in this hobby and be able to educate them on how important bees are to our life and how they are not aggressive as long as you treat them well. The designs of Albert’s beehives are functional as well as add beauty to my garden.
– Jim Harrison 

My little hive is kicking butt this year. Yààaàaaaaaa
– Kathy Calhoun, Newcastle, Wyoming

Albert your craftsmanship and design continues to amaze me. Way to go!
– Steve Reich, Syracuse, Utah

I love your hives so much
– Genevieve Boadicea, Melbourne, Australia

Southern California is the location of Lompoc Honey. I have used Eco Bee Box frames for several years to produce excellent comb honey. As a retired veteran, small frames and small hives are a part of my apiary due to Albert’s education and support. I find him to be very knowledgeable and willing to share. I was able to award him with an Innovation Award in the Western Apicultural Society for his publication and developments on the Eco Bee Box hives.
– Archie Mitchel 

We spent the afternoon learning all about honeybees at the Eco Bee Box. Albert was great with the kids. The kids got to touch the honey comb (with bees all around), taste the honey, pet the bees, hold an active slat, and at the end were gifted their own miniature honey bears filled with local honey. If you are in the area, I'd highly recommend stopping by for an educational and interactive experience!
– Katie Cooke, Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking forward to using mine this winter!
– Conor Cleary, Spencerville, Ontario

Gotta be one of the best Christmas presents ever!! Thanks to my beekeeping mom and amazing wife Mindy Linder Thorne for the Eco Bee Box by Albert Chubak. Can't wait to get some bees going in 2016!!!!
– Dennis Thorne, Morgantown, West Virginia

 We (Ken and I) are both so excited and honored to be the winner of this beautiful hand carved mini hive. I just can't even begin to express how grateful I am to Albert Chubak for his work both in educating us about natural beekeeping and for his beautiful craftsmanship and generosity. **dancing around in circles** We won! We won!
– Kathy Bartlett Parham, Memphis, Tennessee

 I had a passing interest in beekeeping for many years but was intimidated by the expense, learning curve, and space necessary to raise bees. Several years ago, I discovered the Eco Bee Box Mini Urban Hive and was delighted to find that it was simple, affordable, and would work right in my backyard! I started my first year with a simple two box setup and was able to raise my own queen, grow a thriving colony and even get a bit of honey. Over the next few years, using Albert’s system, I have expanded to two multiple box setups and even raised enough bees to provide six splits to my neighbors so they could begin beekeeping. Using Eco Bee Box’s system and training has been fun and educational. Utah has some rough winters and my hives have done well through the winters and each spring I look forward to seeing my bees take flight. The honey production has been great averaging over a gallon of honey a season and, as an added benefit, all the blooming plants in the backyard and neighborhood have never been healthier! Albert won Best of State Business Innovation award in Utah, that was not surprising to me at all!
– Dave Chapman 

 I have always been interested in beekeeping, so about 5 years ago I decided to finally become a beekeeper. I put an order in at a big chain store for a package, a hive, a suit, and some books. A month before the bees would arrive I came across a little shop with small beehives outside. I went inside this place called Eco Bee Box and found Albert Chubak working hard in the back of his shop. I knew right away this was how I would learn to keep bees. Albert was so willing to teach me how to be a sustainable beekeeper. I learned right away how to rear a queen. The mini hives he teaches people to use make it so simple to learn how to be sustainable in keeping bees. Albert is very passionate about teaching beekeeping in a very different way. The first year I reared many queens, started multiple colonies, removed bees from a garage wall and placed the brood frames in the small frames with elastic bands, and introduced others in my area to do the same as I was doing. So fun.
– Knut Carter